Darabase launches ‘world-first’ property inventory platform for outdoor AR advertising


Darabase has launched its global property inventory platform for augmented reality (AR) advertising campaigns, darabase.io.

The platform enables property owners to register their Property’s Digital Rights (PDRs), set rules about what digital content can be displayed in their locations, and receive an additional income stream from AR advertising in the real world. It also sees the introduction of a marketplace for PDRs.

With an estimated 1.4 billion AR-enabled devices already in the hands of consumers globally (Statista), Darabase addresses a growing need for property owners to protect and control how their properties are used as a canvas and context for AR content. This extends the regulated and permission-based model that underpins all brand advertising into the AR age, to ensure a secure, legal, ethical and brand-safe framework for immersive AR campaigns to be delivered effectively in the real world.

Dominic Collins, CEO and co-founder of Darabase, said: “Property Digital Rights protect real estate from unwanted AR advertising, and can create additional value and revenue for owners.

“Augmented reality isn’t the future, it’s already happening at scale. This year Statista estimated the global digital advertising market to be valued at $680 bn, a growing proportion of this is shifting to immersive AR media. Darabase exists to enable this transition to happen by providing a framework for AR advertising that is legal, brand safe that gives consumers a great experience.”

Property owners already attribute significant asset value to outdoor media inventory.  Darabase’s proprietary algorithm estimates the potential value a property could create from immersive advertising and so estimates the incremental asset value from Property Digital Rights (PDRs). These rights are then registered as a secure token on the Polygon Blockchain.

Support From the Wider Industry

Scott Kaplanis, managing partner, GroundBreak Ventures, said: “Darabase is charting a transformative path where real estate meets augmented reality, unlocking opportunities for immense value creation. By empowering property owners to claim their digital rights, Darabase is leading the charge in pioneering a new era for outdoor media. This innovative platform safeguards property value while creating exciting revenue streams, setting the standard for a burgeoning industry of endless possibilities. It is a dynamic, new frontier that the GroundBreak team proudly supports.”

Ian Baggett, founder CEO, Adderstone Group, said: “The Darabase platform heralds an exciting new era for real estate, enabling owners to generate value from AR for the first time, without losing control of digital rights.”

Oliver Bray, senior partner, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP, said: “Darabase is brilliantly bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms. Through a consent-based framework for AR advertising on properties, it’s pioneering a secure, ethical, and lawful avenue for property owners and advertisers alike. This is a stride toward the future of outdoor advertising and enabling the AR world outdoors.”

Patrick Boismenu, renowned blockchain specialist, United Nations, said: “Darabase’s initiative to tokenise Property Digital Rights on the blockchain is a groundbreaking move. It’s carving a niche where real estate, augmented reality, and blockchain technology converge to create a new paradigm of value and interaction. This venture is a glimpse into a future where digital tokens play a pivotal role in real-world asset management and monetisation.”

Marie–Eve Poget, global marketing manager at The Gin Hub, Pernod Ricard, said: “Mixed reality helps us connect more intuitively with consumers, Darabase.io is a system that lets us do this in a context and location sensitive way, at scale.”

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