Elevate B2B Marketing News Weekly Roundup: B2B Events Thrive, LinkedIn Adds Top Skills, & Google Business Gets Social Links


B2B Exhibitions Move Forward in “Dramatic Improvement”
B2B events have continued on their steady return to pre-pandemic frequency, with a scant 0.3 percent of business exhibitions having canceled during the first quarter of 2023, significantly lower than the 8.9 percent figure from the same period in 2022, while 2024 has been forecast as the year when B2B events will experience a full recover, according to newly-published report data. MarketingCharts

LinkedIn Says ChatGPT-Related Job Postings Have Ballooned 21-Fold Since November
Since November, 2022 there has been a 21-fold increase in job postings related to ChatGPT and generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) on Microsoft’s LinkedIn professional social network, while the rate at which users of the platform added AI-related skills to their profiles nearly doubled from 7.7 percent during November to 13 percent, according to recently-released data. Forbes

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