Outsourced IT Support: The Complete Guide for 2023


What is outsourced IT support? Simply put, outsourced IT support is a technical service designed to help with computer technology that’s not owned by an internal member of your company. It includes the day-to-day IT support requests any business faces—systems administration requests, tech support and troubleshooting, installing and configuring computer hardware, software, systems, networks, printers and scanners, etc.

It’s also a critical function of every business.

Any time you have IT problems, your business can suffer. Issues that go unresolved are all but guaranteed to slow productivity, frustrate staff and cost your organization time and money, both precious commodities for any business. Working with an outsourced IT service provider, however, can eliminate the everyday stresses of IT support, allowing you and your teams to keep your focus where it’s needed. Having a outsourced IT service provider with a dedicated IT help desk will ensure you receive the efficient and effective support needed to keep your daily work on track, improve your bottom line and take your business to the next level.

Outsourced IT Support Statistics

So, what benefits come with using an outsourced IT support provider like Electric?

8 Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

There are plenty of reasons to invest in outsourced IT, but here are the top 8 benefits of letting an outside team manage your IT support.

  1. More time to focus on your business: When you have Outsourced It Support, you can focus your time and attention where it’s needed instead of trying to handle IT situations. There’s no need to occupy someone’s precious time with trying to keep your networks functioning. An MSP handles that so you can handle your business.
  2. Access to Professional Expertise: Outsourced IT Support provides access to knowledgeable IT pros who are ready and able to answer questions and provide solutions when needed.
  3. Get IT Support Questions Answered Quickly : Experts provide real-time remote support in short order. No delay, no problem.
  4. Reduce security risks: Outsourced IT providers know compliance standards and regulations, and can implement security strategies to minimize risks associated with data and sensitive information.
  5. Improve employee performance: Using Outsourced It Support and dedicated IT help desk services equates to less downtime and fewer errors. An MSP can keep an eye on issues, prevent them from getting worse and resolve them quickly. That leads to better overall performance.
  6. Keep technology up-to-date: Things change quickly with IT. An MSP can keep on top of things, saving you money and time.
  7. Reduce IT Operational Costs: One of the most attractive benefits of working with Outsourced IT Support is the savings it provides. MSPs help minimize the chance of costly network problems and IT-related downtime. You also know exactly what services you’re receiving and what you’ll be spending per user/per month. Find out how much you could be saving with Electric’s IT Cost Calculator.
  8. Maintain A Competitive Edge: Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you can’t compete with the big guys. A larger company may have access to in-house resources small-to medium-sized business may not enjoy. However, an Outsourced IT Support can provide the same level of expertise a larger company benefits from at a more digestible price-point.

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